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Our Vision

To see culture transformed by giving millions
of children a Christian worldview education.


“Thank you. The time with Glen was a tremendous blessing, and it was a great way for our staff to start a new school year with the proper focus. I look forward to possibilities for future professional and spiritual growth.” –Dr. Rick Brown, School Administrator, Associate Pastor for School Ministries, Lower School Principal, Grades K3-6, RVCS

The Latest

Renewanation Gains Accreditation by National Financial Accountability Organization

The ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) has announced the accreditation of Renewanation. The ECFA is the recognized leader among Christian nonprofit organizations in validating the faithful demonstration of financial accountability, transparency, fundraising, and board governance. The right to display the ECFA seal is accompanied with the responsibility to faithfully sustain compliance with ECFA standards, Read More

Question & Answer with Jeff Keaton

“Christian education is under assault and Christian schools are struggling, with many facing closure. This is a burden I shared in a discussion with Renewanation founder Jeff Keaton. Born from that discussion was this collaborative issue of God’s Revivalist dedicated to Christian education. The following is an interview with Jeff.” —President Michael Avery Read More

Team Revitalizing Florida Schools

Over the past week, Renewanation was privileged to support two schools in Florida with strategic planning and coaching: Tampa Bay Christian Academy and Community Christian Academy. These visits were a strong encouragement to both schools. Read More

Is It Time?

On a regular basis, we hear from secular school Christian administrators and teachers who are questioning whether or not it’s time to make a clean break from their efforts to reform and impact public education. Read More