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Our Mission

Renewanation serves to promote the cause of biblical worldview education by supporting and expanding Christian schools, home schools, and ministries reaching students in non-Christian schools.


“Thank you. The time with Glen was a tremendous blessing, and it was a great way for our staff to start a new school year with the proper focus. I look forward to possibilities for future professional and spiritual growth.” –Dr. Rick Brown, School Administrator, Associate Pastor for School Ministries, Lower School Principal, Grades K3-6, RVCS

The Latest

Impacting Schools So They Can Impact More Students!

Jeff Keaton spoke at Covenant Christian Academy in McAllen, Texas this past week to a large gathering of parents and to a smaller gathering of teachers and administrators. Read More

Welcome Newest Team Member

Curtis Cornell began his full-time work as our Director of Scholarship Development last Monday. Read More

The Renewanation Review

Students Told to Worship the Sun?

Imagine if public school students in their science classes were encouraged to worship the sun. And yet this is happening! But how do they get away with it? Read More

Our Place in God’s Plan

I have for many years lectured across the country on the subject of a biblical worldview. I often begin by talking about Genesis 1:28. Read More