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Our Mission

Renewanation serves to promote the cause of biblical worldview education by supporting and expanding Christian schools, home schools, and ministries reaching students in non-Christian schools.


“Thank you. The time with Glen was a tremendous blessing, and it was a great way for our staff to start a new school year with the proper focus. I look forward to possibilities for future professional and spiritual growth.” –Dr. Rick Brown, School Administrator, Associate Pastor for School Ministries, Lower School Principal, Grades K3-6, RVCS

The Latest

Ignite Your Teachers and Your New School Year!

We will be hosting our first biblical worldview training camps for teachers at Manderley Christian Camp and Conference Center this summer. Our first event (July 27-29) is full, and we are now taking registrations for two more events: July 31-August 1 and August 3-5. Read More

Changing Kids’ Lives!

By Jeff Keaton – Renewanation Founder, CEO & President Last week I was privileged to visit one of our schools (Parkway Christian Academy) where we are providing scholarship funds for 17 children. They were gracious to host Judy Ralph and me at a special lunch with the students. What we found was a bunch of Read More

The Renewanation Review

Gone in Only One Generation: The Battle for Kids’ Minds

The “god of this world” may shift his seductions slightly from generation to generation, but the basic challenge is always the same. So Christians must be ever vigilant. Read More

America’s Godly Heritage

By Tim Throckmorton Nothing seems to incite more controversy these days than the phrase “Christian Nation.” In fact, I have seen folks with swelled veins and clenched fists who refuse to believe it’s so. Now before the lawyers get too antsy and the charges are filed, allow me to take a few minutes and explain Read More