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Our Mission

Renewanation serves to promote the cause of biblical worldview education by supporting and expanding Christian schools, home schools, and ministries reaching students in non-Christian schools.


“Thank you so much for the scholarship you gave Jaden Farris who attends Heritage Academy in Chatham, VA. We have used wood heat for years but had to switch to gas heat this past year. I was able to pay the gas bill only because of your financial aid. Thank you, thank you, thank you for enabling Jaden to continue with her education from the Christian worldview.” –Phyllis Farris and Jaden Farris

The Latest

Tax Credit Scholarship Highlight: Parkway Christian Academy

Founded in 2002 and located in Roanoke, Virginia, PCA has distinguished itself as a private, coeducational Christian school through its rigorous academics, outstanding faculty, and its hands, heart, and head approach to education. Read More

Free Webinar – “How to Grow Record Giving”

Zach Clark from Development and Leadership Coaching will be joining Jeff Keaton from Renewanation for a one hour webinar to discuss “How to Grow Record Giving” on Wednesday, June 28 at 1:00pm EST and 2:00pm EST. Read More

The Renewanation Review

The Truth About Truth

By Tim Throckmorton Truth, that elusive and controversial subject that has found itself discussed and debated and even denied for ages. A brief observation reveals that truth seems to have changed over the years. In Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, we find the definition of truth to be: “conformity to fact or reality; exact accordance with that Read More

The Pursuit of Happiness and the Lost Purpose for Learning

What makes a person happy? Before I go any further, let me say I do not believe personal happiness is what life is about. A “pursuit of happiness” apart from Christ leads over a cliff. For followers of Christ, our pursuit must be centered on Him, not on ourselves. Read More