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  • Is It Time?

    By Jeff Keaton, Founder, President & CEO of Renewanation On a regular basis, we hear from secular school Christian administrators and teachers who are questioning whether or not it’s time to make a clean break from their efforts to reform and impact public education. Many of these men and women are life-long public school employees who know they have made a significant impact on the lives of parents and students in public education. And yet, more and more are questioning the value of their continued involvement. I received this email from a person who has been a public school employee/principal for over 30 years. ...Click here to read more

  • Jeff Keaton’s Fall 2016 Speaking Schedule

    If you are in the area, Jeff would love for you to join him at one of these events. ...Click here to read more

  • Dr. Kristin Bird On Site

    Dr. Kristin Bird, our new Chief School Officer, will be working from her home base in Cincinnati, Ohio but will spend about 25% of her time on the road ...Click here to read more

  • Back to School, Questions to Ponder

    Back to school rituals will take place all across our country over the next few weeks. Billions of dollars will be spent on school supplies, clothes, and textbooks. Parents will hope this is the year little Johnny will finally begin to fulfill his potential rather than see school as an opportunity to annoy every cute little girl he comes in contact with. There is just something positive and hopeful about attending school and starting a new year. ...Click here to read more

  • Employees with a Christian Worldview

    By Jeff Keaton – Founder & CEO of Renewanation Recently, I received a phone call from a company that screens job applicants for various companies. Apparently, a young lady whom I have known for many years listed me as a personal reference. ...Click here to read more


The Review

  • Worldviews Have Consequences

    By Jeff Keaton – Renewanation Founder, President & CEO I sat next to a young man on a four-hour flight from L.A. to D.C. this past October. The first remark out of his mouth was something about hoping a naked lady would sit in between us. I knew right then that our worldviews were probably very different. I kindly told him that I was happily married and didn’t share his hopes. He sheepishly said that marriage was a good thing as well. ...Click here to read more

  • A Worldview that Revolves Around God

    A Student Testimony I thought I knew what was best for me. I tried endlessly to convince my parents that I would be better off in public school where I could make more friends, share God’s love with people who had never experienced it, and be involved in the sports and activities that weren’t offered at my Christian school. My efforts were in vain. I couldn’t understand my parents’ reasoning because all I saw were the present circumstances. ...Click here to read more

  • Godly Offspring

    A few months ago I was privileged to hear Dr. Del Tackett speak in person. Dr. Tackett is the teacher on The Truth Project; he worked in the White House for the first President Bush, and has experienced a lifetime of amazing accomplishments. He always has something informative and challenging to say but at this event he grabbed my attention when he said something like, “The primary purpose for marriage is to produce godly offspring.” ...Click here to read more

  • Lessons Time and Life Have Taught Me

    A Speech Given to Graduates By Jeff Keaton, Renewanation Founder & CEO Dear Graduates, Perhaps the greatest thing I underestimated on the days I graduated from high school and college was the value of experience as the preeminent teacher in life. Maybe you’re different than I am, but I pretty much have to live through something before I can really grasp the meaning of it. ...Click here to read more

  • Now Playing – The End of Religious Freedom

    By Jen Wooldridge – Editor & Designer of The Renewanation Review In 2014, President Obama signed an executive order making it illegal for federal contractors to discriminate against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees. How could this likely affect Christian colleges, schools, and businesses? ...Click here to read more

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