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Our Mission

Renewanation serves to promote the cause of biblical worldview education by supporting and expanding Christian schools, home schools, and ministries reaching students in non-Christian schools.


"Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude for what you have done for our school. You have fanned the flames that had dwindled down to a flicker in so many folks. I could see it in some of our long-time donors who are close to exhaustion. I could see it in the tears of some of our teachers who needed that extra boost of encouragement. This event has accomplished so much more than I ever envisioned. The driving force behind this event for me was the elimination of debt. But God has shown me there is so much more He plans to do with our school. Having you here has opened my eyes to all kinds of possibilities. I have an assurance that I can move forward courageously knowing that I am not leading, but following an Almighty God." –Martha Chappell, Columbus Christian Academy volunteer

The Latest

Global Christian School Leadership Summit

Dr. Kristin Bird and Dr. Glen Schultz represented Renewanation at the Global Christian School Leadership Summit in Orlando, Florida on February 1-3. The Global Christian School Leadership Summit was sponsored by the Association of Christian Schools International with more than 700 Christian school leaders from 23 countries in attendance. It was an encouraging time for Read More

Christian School Revitalization Assessment

Dr. Kristin Bird and Ron Gordon conducted a Christian school revitalization assessment at Peniel Baptist Academy (PBA) in Palatka, Florida on February 6-7. Read More

The Renewanation Review

Something Just Doesn’t Smell Right

By Tim Throckmorton One of the things my wife has trained me to do is practice the use of a very popular little product called “hand sanitizer.” So after a shopping stop or handling potentially germ carrying things, I am now pretty well trained to reach into my console and apply said hand sanitizer rather Read More

Parking Lot Discipleship

We were running a tad late for church Sunday morning … story of our lives. Read More