We All Have Regrets

We all have regrets; those negative conscious and emotional responses to personal past acts or behaviors. One of my biggest regrets is attending a secular university. I often think, how would things be different if I had made the decision to attend a college or university that nurtured my spiritual and emotional well-being as well as my intellectual development?

I entered college professing to be a Christian. I attended my local church regularly before college and found a church in my college town soon after enrolling. But within a few weeks, I completely stopped attending. I put God in a box and would pull him out only occasionally. I remember sitting in a Geology class and having to “correctly” answer on my exams that certain Felsic rocks were between 2.5 and 3.8 billion years old. When I approached the professor after class to try and defend my then weak understanding of the Genesis account of Creation, I was ridiculed and told that maybe when I finished his class, I would understand the “true” account of how our planet was formed.

Presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, caught a lot of flak over his comments about our higher education system in America. He said that the “left” uses the universities to “indoctrinate” students for the end purpose of maintaining power. Without question, the vast majority of universities in America are working against the Judeo-Christian value system. I know that there are many Christian educators in both the secular K-12 and higher education sectors, but I also know from my own experience that they are in the slim minority. Even professors themselves admit it. In a 2005 study published by the Forum, a political science journal, a survey of 1,643 faculty at 183 four-year schools was taken and 72% described themselves as “liberal.” My concern is not so much their political views as it is their anti-biblical worldview. Why did I attend one of these schools?

I never even thought about attending a Christian college or university coming out of high school. The perception for me was that I would have to forgo academic excellence to attend a school of Christian ideology. I loved athletics and thought that Christian colleges or universities would offer little, if any, opportunities for sports. I thought that the costs of a private, Christian college or university would be out of reach for my family. I was wrong. Through my experiences with RENEWANATION, I have had the opportunity to interact with many colleges and universities that are grounded in God’s truth and are delivering a quality, holistic education to their students. Opportunities abound for organized and club sports in most every Christian college and university. While costs for Christian colleges and universities are sometimes higher than state supported, secular schools, most every student can remove this as a barrier through scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study assistance. Most of the colleges and universities RENEWANATION works with offer a vast majority of their students significant financial aid.

One of the seven Pillars of Development for RENEWANATION is to partner with Colleges and Universities who teach students from a Judeo-Christian worldview. RENEWANATION has been blessed to receive scholarship commitments from Regent University, Ohio Christian University, Huntington University, Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Kentucky Mountain Bible College, and God’s Bible School & College, with many more to come. We, in turn, award these scholarships to deserving graduates of our Affiliate Schools. Positive endorsement of RENEWANATION from these institutions of higher learning is also smart marketing. One recent graduate of an Affiliate School was awarded the RENEWANATION Presidential Scholarship from Regent University. Not only did that student attend Regent, but two of his friends from high school enrolled in Regent as well. None of the three were considering Regent University before the scholarship opportunity was presented.

RENEWANATION is committed to fostering relationships with Christian colleges and universities to promote biblical worldview, create various levels of partnership with affiliate K-12 schools, and offer scholarship opportunities for Affiliate School graduates. We do not only want to educate future pastors, missionaries and Christian teachers, but also future doctors, lawyers, business owners, and members of every sector of society with a biblical worldview.

If I had been given the opportunity to attend a Christian college or university, I have no doubt that I would have discovered my mission in life much earlier. It is now my goal to make sure that every young person understands the great opportunities available to them through Christian higher education.

By David Blanton