Stories from Students

A Worldview that Revolves Around God (A Student Testimony)

“I grew up in a Christian home with godly parents, attended growing churches, and attended a Christian school. I got saved in middle school and knew that I wanted to use my life for whatever God had planned. But now I was graduating high school and trying to decide if college was God’s plan, and if so, where was He leading me? We began praying about it, and I turned in an application for a Renewanation scholarship. Around this time, I was given the opportunity to attend a leadership school during the summer at Ohio Christian University. The same time I got accepted into the leadership school, I also received a scholarship by Renewanation for OCU. It seemed as if God was arranging things for me to attend OCU. So in the fall of 2012, I began my freshman year at Ohio Christian. I cannot count the times God has so clearly reinforced to me that this is where I am to be. God has given me a great church family that I can be a part of and that I have made lasting relationships with. I have no doubt that Ohio Christian University is where God wants me to be, and I thank Renewanation for letting God use them.”
Allyson Keaton, College Scholarship Recipient

“The main way I would say this scholarship has impacted my life is that it has allowed me to go to a great school that otherwise would have been tough to pay for. I’ve met so many great people, and I am learning a lot. I thank Renewanation for giving me to chance to go there.”
Daniel Wilmoth, College Scholarship Recipient

Stories from Parents & Families

“Since enrolling our kids in Wilson Christian Academy, we have seen a remarkable difference in their grades and actual learning. It is so refreshing to see the things they learn about God in their Bible class. My dad remarked the other day about how they told him the story of Esther and Job and how they knew the details. It’s not cheap sending them to a private Christian school on our salaries. In fact, it’s quite taxing, and serious sacrifices have been made. But it is money well spent, and the reward will far outweigh the cost in the future, as it already has. I strongly recommend a Christian worldview education for your child if you are considering making the jump. It will reap eternal rewards and prepare your children to face the challenges that life will throw at them. Most importantly, it will anchor your child in the ways of the Lord.”
Steve & Misty Webb, Wilson, NC

“Thank you so much for the scholarship you gave Jaden Farris who attends Heritage Academy in Chatham, VA. We have used wood heat for years but had to switch to gas heat this past year. I was able to pay the gas bill only because of your financial aid. Thank you, thank you, thank you for enabling Jaden to continue with her education from the Christian worldview.”
Phyllis Farris and Jaden Farris

Stories from Schools & Educators

Students of Lakeside Christian Academy

Students of Lakeside Christian Academy

“Your message was so relevant and very encouraging to us. I have already had parents tell me they wish their spouse could have heard what you had to say. Your passion is contagious. Thanks for the magazines; we will get those out to our parents.”
Toni Kanzler, Director of Admissions, Traders Point Christian Schools

“Huge thank you to Renewanation for the donation! We put it to good use. Here are our thirteen upper school students and teacher with their brand new Chromebooks! This was a necessity for their BJU Christian Classroom Online coursework. Thank you so very much!”
Tammy, Lakeside Christian Academy

“Please convey to your coworkers how much we enjoyed the banquet last night. It was encouraging and enlightening. We appreciate all you do to foster Christian education. Renewanation always exhibits a culture of excellence in their events.”
Ann Haymes, Heritage Academy

“Thanks again for coming to speak at Portland Christian! Your messages were so inspirational! The feedback from grandparents was so positive, and many have come asking for a video to share with their church and friends. Praying for you and all that you are doing to grow God’s kingdom!”
Rhonda Rogers, Principal, The Elementary at Portland Christian Schools

“Inspiring. Passionate. Visionary. God-ordained. These are just a few words that I use to describe Jeff Keaton, who spoke at our first-ever benefit banquet promoting Christian education in the Kansas City area. With parents, alumni, supporters, and fellow Christian school administrators in attendance that evening, it is doubtful that anyone left without being moved by his message. I’m looking forward to hearing him again!”
Chad Pollard, Administrator, Overland Christian Schools

“I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful event last night. I have heard nothing but great reports. You truly inspired the crowd last night. There is a new energy present today. Thanks for a great evening, and we look forward to working with you and Renewanation in the future.”
Allan Edgar, former Head of School, Emmanuel Christian School

“Thank you. The time with Glen was a tremendous blessing, and it was a great way for our staff to start a new school year with the proper focus. I look forward to possibilities for future professional and spiritual growth.”
Dr. Rick Brown, School Administrator, Associate Pastor for School Ministries, Lower School Principal, Grades K3-6, RVCS

Stories from Churches

“You were a huge blessing to our families. One couple told me afterward they have been a house divided over this issue. She wants to homeschool. He says public school is fine because “he survived it.” After your messages, he is in full support of his wife.”
John Bartz, Pastor, New Beginnings Community Church

Stories from Supporters

“I thank God for you and what you are doing in and through Renewanation. I cannot think of what could be more important and strategic in these United States right now than offering a Christian worldview to every child.”
Luis Bush, 4/14 Window Global Initiative

“I am a retired widow who is blessed to be a blessing. I cannot give to every cause, but I would like to invest in the future of someone… My donation is not sizeable, but I hope that it helps. I am encouraged by the goals of Renewanation. May our God multiply this seed, in Jesus name.”

“I’m thinking about Renewanation this morning because of the prayer focus today on our
World Shapers Club Monthly Prayer Calendar. Today’s focus is: Pray that all children will be given a good education and learn God’s Word. That goes right along with your mission, one so pivotal and necessary, for a Christ-centered education for every child. Be encouraged that our World Shapers are agreeing with you and petitioning God for movements like yours around the world!”
Mary Tome, Advisory V.P./Administration, ENI

“Renewanation is the antidote for what I deal with on a daily basis.”
Randy Krantz, General District Judge, Bedford County, VA

“Thank you for sharing a beautiful event with us. I wanted my dear husband to hear what you are doing in our world today, and he just loved it, so we want to support you with our funds. Now, we are asking God just how much and how we are to pay it over our lifetime. We also have some other ideas in mind on how we can support you. God bless you and everyone who is working to save our dear children with the truth of God.”

“Great website! Lots of great material. Good to see such a vibrant ministry. I will certainly keep you on my radar if there is a way to partner or help you in some way.”
Richard Blackaby