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The Renewanation Review is a full-color magazine, published twice a year, and filled with insightful articles and illustrative pictures.

Whether you are an educator, pastor, parent, grandparent, or someone who’s interested in education, culture, and worldview, The Renewanation Review will inform, encourage, and inspire you.

Just a few of the inspiring articles you’ll find in The Renewanation Review:

Truth for the Classroom

Giving Grandchildren the Gift of a Christian Education

Erasing Our Christian Identity, One School Day at a Time

small_The Review 2015 v57 i2_COVEREducation and Its Impact on a Child’s Faith in Jesus

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The Renewanation Review is a valuable resource to provide to parents and families and will help you make the case for Christian worldview education. This magazine will reinforce to parents the value of giving their kids a biblical worldview education. It will also encourage you!small_THE REVIEW FALL 2016 v8 i2 - COVER

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