Many families desperately want to provide a quality Christian education for their children, but some are not able to offer it themselves, and the cost of providing such an education is sometimes prohibitive.

To help families, Renewanation has established the following scholarship programs:

Renewanation Scholarship Fund

This program is funded by passionate donors who have joined our team and desire to impact the life of a student by providing them with a Christian worldview education.

Scholarships are provided to Christian schools and homeschools for students having certified financial need that do not qualify for other scholarship options or need additional funding in order to attend the school. Scholarships may be available for other Christian worldview education options.

Donations to this fund are welcomed. Please designate your gift “Scholarship Fund.”

Mayor’s Military Kids (MMK)

This fund provides scholarships for the children of wounded warriors, active duty, and those who have been killed in action. Learn more.

Virginia Scholarship Foundation

Individuals and businesses in the state of Virginia can donate to this program and receive a 65% credit towards their state tax bill. 90% of all donations given to this program are given directly as tuition scholarships to students attending local Christian schools. Learn more.

Kansas SGO

We’re growing strong communities in Kansas by connecting businesses, families, and quality Christian schools. This scholarship program is offered in conjunction with the Kansas Education Improvement Tax Credit Program. Qualified donors receive Kansas state tax credit for their contributions to this fund. Learn more.