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Volume 1 Issue 1

Troubling Current Events June 2009

It was a troubling statement for me and many who are followers of Christ in America and around the world. While not surprised, many of us were recently shocked and angered when the US President boldly stated to a Turkish audience, “We do not consider ourselves a Christian Nation.” His complete statement: “I’ve said before Read More

The moral compass: Just where are we headed?

What happens to a generation that grows up without being exposed to a Christian worldview? A look at one of the growing trends among teens — and even younger children — gives us a clue. Sexting is a growing nationwide problem that involves using cell phones to transmit sexually explicit pictures. At least one national Read More


It wasn’t on a newsflash; it didn’t happen in the past. It is reality – it is our world, here and now. She stood in my kitchen and said: “The teacher asked my daughter, Kristinia, how the earth was created. Kristinia raised her hand and answered, ‘God created earth.’” (more…) Read More

Staying Neutral – The best one can hope for with the public school system

When it comes to having students represent a Christian worldview in the public school system, the best one can hope for any more is that the school systems will remain neutral, and not discriminate against a student’s free speech protections. Far too often, however, even that isn’t realized. (more…) Read More

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Volume 1 Issue 2

Preparing for the school year

Q & A with Beth Ackerman, Ed.D., Liberty University For Dr. Beth Ackerman, it was logical that she ended up working in the field of education. “It’s the family business,” she explains, noting that she is following in the footsteps of her parents. In fact, as the Associate Dean in the School of Education at Read More

Your Child’s Spiritual Health

The other day I was talking with the leader of a nationally known Christian organization. In the course of our conversation, he said, “I really appreciate the vision you have of offering children across America a Christian education. You are definitely on the right track of what we need in this country. But, strange as Read More

The Love of a Teacher

It was a brand new day, the start of a brand new world, and its uncertainty loomed big to a little, 5-year-old girl. Her emotions seemed to be all rolled up into a combined ball of excitement and anxiety. Into her new plaid uniform she dressed. Off she went, carrying her new lunch box, mounting Read More

Are Schools Safe?

As parents, one of the biggest concerns we have for our children is their safety. We put locks on the doors of our homes and sometimes fences around our yards to keep dangerous predators out. We put guards on our TVs and computers to protect our children from stuff they should not see and hear Read More

The Journey of Faith

The concept of living by faith in God is a common one among Christians. At the core of cardinal Christian doctrine is the belief that we are saved by faith in Christ alone and that the Christian life consists of trusting God enough to obey Him in our daily lives. We can’t turn the TV Read More

Religious Freedom

School district, ACLU challenge rights of students, staff Mathew Staver has been defending religious freedom issues for more than two decades, but he’s never had a case quite like the one he’s defending now in Florida. And the ramifications from the case are likely to be significant. The defendants — a high school principal and Read More

We’ve Forgotten

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6) I’m an Australian. Growing up “down under” offered some unique experiences, including the time I once talked to an old Australian aboriginal elder. This aborigine recalled roaming the deserts with his family many years ago when they were in their tribal state. This old man Read More

The Pledge of Allegiance

I = Me, an individual, A committee of one PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE = Without coercion or fear, but firm in resolve, even if it cost me fame and fortune as it did our fore-fathers who crafted and signed the Declaration of Independence, or if it cost my blood as with hundreds of thousands in both civil Read More

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Volume 2 Issue 1

A Message of Success

Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy used his wit, wisdom and life story to encourage those attending the 1st anniversary banquet of RENEWANATION to follow the plan and success God has for them. “God has a better plan than you (have for yourself),” Cathy said. “We honor God by our success.” Success is certainly at the heart Read More

What will we stand for?

Every generation is called upon to make tough decisions. But history reveals that some decisions leave more lasting consequences than others. This is perhaps especially true when it comes to decisions on matters of faith. Historically, decisions of spiritual consequence led to the formation of edicts, thesis, or creeds, all of which articulated positions that Read More

Q & A with Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy

Editor’s note: Chick-fil-A founder and chairman Truett Cathy was the featured speaker at the Renewanation banquet held Nov. 10, 2009, at Hotel Roanoke in Roanoke, Va. Besides sharing his wit and wisdom with the close to 800 folks who attended the banquet, Mr. Cathy took the time to visit with Renewanation Public Relations Coordinator Dan Read More

Grandparents and RENEWANATION

My wife’s love language is gift giving! Combine that with the fact that we have nine children, nine wonderful daughter and sons in law, forty-one grandchildren and three great-grandchildren and you will understand why the holidays make me a bit nervous, and my wife euphoric. Now don’t think I don’t like to give gifts. I’ve Read More

The Team Who Believed

The many scents and smells of the holidays are already beginning. Along with them comes the aroma which is always pleasing, and never grows old – the aroma of a grateful heart. The memories which spill over from those who possess it bring smiles to the lips and tugs to the heartstrings. Annette and her Read More

Merry Xmas!

Merry X-mas! If you think like I do, you’ve already wondered, “Why in the world did he leave Christ out of Christmas?” I did it just to get your attention. For many years now, a secular minority has been on a mission to eradicate Christ from Christmas. I have never understood their logic since taking Read More

Public Schools Now Open to Religion

One of the most common misconceptions regarding our public school system is that the open teaching of religion is discouraged or even banned. Nothing could be further from the truth! Our public school curriculum is intentionally designed to inculcate religious doctrines in our students’ hearts and lives. The truth is, our public schools have always Read More

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Volume 2 Issue 2

The Birth and Death of the Baccalaureate Address

The word baccalaureate can mean two things: the degree of bachelor conferred on graduates or the farewell address delivered to a graduating class by a respected person. The baccalaureate service seems to have had its birth in a 1432 Oxford University statute, which required each bachelor to deliver a sermon in Latin as part of Read More

Thumbpicker Gives RENEWANATION Two Thumbs Up

Richard Kiser grew up wanting to play guitar like his hero, Chet Atkins. Most of us have not realized the lofty dreams that we had as a child. Richard Kiser has. Since he was 13 years old, Kiser has been picking away, teaching himself to play like Atkins. And for the past 11 years, he Read More

Q & A with Dr. Carlos Campo of Regent University

Editor’s note: Dr. Carlos Campo is the President-elect of Regent University; he will assume this role effective August 2010. Dr. Campo is an Advisory Board member for RENEWANATION. He, and the university, have been strong supporters of RENEWANATION. Regent, located in Virginia Beach, Va., is one of the nation’s academic centers for Christian thought and Read More

Embracing the Trust

The images rest clearly on the pages of my mind. With one hand I’m reaching back to scrapbook them. With the other hand I’m reaching out to gather more. It’s the click of the shutter, the simple flash of light – invariably, I blink. The scene has faded, so quickly changed. The years have gone Read More

A Christian Manifesto

If ever we begin to doubt the importance of our children receiving an education based on a Christian worldview, or if we bemoan the great effort that must be made to provide that education tuition-free – we might want to review the words of Dr. Francis Schaeffer, taken from his Christian Manifesto: The basic problem Read More

Israel’s Patriarchs

While recently thinking on the generational transfer of faith, I was drawn to a study of the early Patriarchs of Israel: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. A study of their lives and faith witnesses strange parallels to our lives as Christians today. Let me share just a few thoughts for your consideration. Abraham is known as Read More

The Real Difference

As I have been traveling around the country meeting with new schools and individuals who are interested in RENEWANATION, I have been asking a simple question: “What is the main difference between a Christian school and a public or non-Christian school?” The answers have been interesting. I’ve been asking this question because the responses to Read More

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Volume 2 Issue 3

Good Questions; Bad Timing

The presidential campaign of 1992 was very interesting. The candidates were: Republican George Bush, Democrat Bill Clinton and Independent Ross Perot. Their self aggrandizement seemed to be without end, and their diminishing opinion of each other had been clearly articulated. In other words it was a typical campaign. Then came the debates of the candidates Read More

Sending Them Off

Those last few moments were quiet in the car as we said goodbye. Mom gave me a hug, hiding the tears the best she could. I got out of the car, and walked up the steps of my new home-away-from-home. Mom drove away. I couldn’t understand then what she was thinking; I think I have Read More

Christianity and American Education

In 1776, John Adams made a statement that perfectly described the close relationship between government and Christianity in the newly created nation. He said “Statesmen . . . may plan and speculate for liberty, but it is religion and morality alone, which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand.” First he stated Read More

How Important Is Christian Education?

How important is Christian education for our children? For my parents, it was incredibly important. When I started kindergarten, my parents enrolled me in one of only two Christian schools in the entire area. Fortunately, that school was close to home and affordable. Unfortunately, it had a host of problems which forced it to close Read More

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Volume 2 Issue 4

Bent Mountain Christian Academy Welcomes Students

As I write this, volunteers are feverishly making final preparations to welcome students to the brand new Bent Mountain Christian Academy (BMCA). The Academy will hold classes in the newly renovated basement of Lawrence Memorial United Methodist Church which, ironically, sits adjacent to the shuttered Bent Mountain Elementary School. Early in 2010, the Roanoke County Read More

Regent University Provides Scholarship to Graduate of RENEWANATION Affiliate School

The Moot Court Room in Robertson Hall at Regent University was an appropriate location for Josh Calhoun’s college career to kick off during the summer orientation session in June. As an incoming freshman at the school, and the first student to receive the RENEWANATION scholarship provided by Regent, Calhoun has his eyes on pursuing a Read More

Trouble in the Garden

Picture this if you will: The Lord God is standing in the Garden of Eden speaking to an audience of three – Adam, Eve and the snake. Eve and Adam (in that order) have sinned. They have partaken of the forbidden fruit and in so doing have disobeyed the commandment God had given them. This Read More

The Missing Curriculum

Many things have changed since 1721. Some things, like men’s white powdered wigs and women’s corsets, we can live without. But some things have gone out of fashion that we really need to recover. 1721 was the year Jonathan Edwards was graduated from the Collegiate School at New Haven, known today as Yale University.[1] But Read More

It’s About the Children

It is the mantra of nearly every organization associated with education and nearly every politician in America. It’s repeated so often that it’s a wonder anyone actually pays attention to it anymore. “It’s about the children.” For many, it is indeed a true calling and a point of fact. And what, beyond shelter, nourishment, spiritual Read More

Q & A with Nikki Bowers

Editor’s note: Nikki Bowers, K-8 principal at Grace Academy, a RENEWANATION affiliate school located in Hagerstown, Md., has served at that school for the past three years. In this Q & A she shares her views on Christian education as well as her own spiritual and vocational journey. Question: Could you start by sharing with Read More

The Honor of Sacrifice

The concept of giving sacrificially has its roots deeply embedded in the foundation of our nation. The sacrifices of the blood, sweat, prayers and tears of our forefathers are why we partake in the blessings our country is privileged to know. It didn’t just “happen.” Men and women paved the way by their sacrificial giving. Read More

Ideas to Save Money

HOW TO REDUCE YOUR FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS: * Are there services that you are paying others to do that you could do? * Do you subscribe to newspapers or magazines that you do not need? * Can you eliminate long distance phone calls and e-mail instead? * Can you reduce the number of times you eat Read More

Tips for Making a Budget

1. Make copies of the attached form so you have a blank one to use for each month. 2. For the first month, keep track of all your cash expenses – the $1’s, $5’s, etc. You have a record in your checkbook of the expenses you made by check, you now need to know what Read More

Can We Afford a Christian Education for Our Children?

As I have shared with families various ways to better manage their finances, I have found that those who usually struggle financially are those who have not done any financial planning. Thus, when an opportunity arises to make a financial investment – whether in a car, a home or something of even lesser value – Read More

Principles of Budgeting

* Proverbs 24:3,4 – “Through wisdom is a house built and by understanding it is established and by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” * By keeping good records, having a budget and being honest with oneself, a person should not get into financial trouble. * A budget is Read More

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Volume 3 Issue 1

One More Reason to Impact

He grew up in Virginia – Fairfax County to be exact. Times were tough and money was scarce, but born into his heart and mind was a voracious love of science. As he entered his high school days, it was a chemistry teacher who began powerfully affecting the life of Bill Fagan. The economic structure Read More

You Can’t Take It With You

We have all heard the old adage about our money and earthly possessions: “You can’t take it with you.” While this is true—you certainly cannot physically take it with you to heaven—your wealth here on earth can have eternal value. Introducing the RENEWANATION Legacy Society… The Office of Development at RENEWANATION offers the Legacy Society Read More

It’s Time to Remember, America!

Something of great consequence is stirring across America today. It is not confined to any one segment of society or to a particular geographical area. Young and old alike are experiencing a yearning, a longing to know the truth about our roots – our national beginnings. In the wake of the multicultural tidal wave that Read More

To Be Educated

If I learn my ABCs, can read 600 words per minute, and can write with perfect penmanship, but have not been taught how to communicate with the Designer of all language, I have not been educated.   If I can deliver an eloquent speech and persuade with my stunning logic, but have not been instructed Read More

Preparing Our Children for Life and Eternity

Today we are engaged in a fiercely fought war. One does not have to travel to Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran or some other part of the world to encounter the battle that is raging. All one has to do is visit any home, church or community to find the war taking place in full force. I Read More

Banquet 2010 – Sharing a laugh, a tear and a mission

Mike Williams understands the importance of getting a Christian worldview education. He grew up as a “welfare kid,” the youngest of five children in a family with all the trappings of inner city life — alcoholism, addictions and an absent father. Given up for adoption by his mother, he landed in a Christian family. “I Read More

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Volume 3 Issue 2

The Case for Christian Schools: Lessons from South Korea

When North and South Korea agreed to a “cease fire” back in 1953, they shared one thing in common: they were among the poorest countries in the world. Fifty-six years later, the International Monetary Fund listed South Korea as the nation with the 12th largest Gross Domestic Product in the world. South Korea, a small Read More

Beyond High School

Josh Calhoun knows all about the benefits of receiving a scholarship through RENEWANATION. Last year Calhoun was awarded the first RENEWANATION scholarship from Regent University, a full-ride offer that allowed him to begin taking classes this past fall at the school. “The experience has been great,” he states about his freshman year at the Virginia Read More

One business man doing his part: Meet Caleb Mann

According to the States Census Bureau, there are about 49.5 million students enrolled in elementary and high schools across the country. Roughly 42 million of these students are enrolled in government schools, 5.5 million in private schools (including parochial schools), and 1.5 million students are home schooled. It takes a lot of money to educate Read More

Fulfilling the Cultural Mandate – How Christians have helped establish God’s kingdom in the nations

What is man’s purpose or mission on the earth? Christians often answer this by referring to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), and rightly so, but in recent years a large segment of the Church has limited the meaning of this to only personal conversion. Certainly the Great Commission includes the Evangelistic Mandate, to redeem man, Read More

Court Cases in Education Timeline

So what has happened to remove God from the public school system since Josephine Berry Minnix was a student in 1933? Consider these cases decided by the Supreme Court of the United States as cited by The Oyez Project: • 1948 – McCollum vs Board of Education District 71 In 1940, members of the Jewish, Read More

My How Times Have Changed

Over 77 years ago, on a Thursday, June 1, 1933, there was a lot going on: the Great Depression was in full swing; the “Century of Progress” World’s Fair opened in Chicago; Charlie Chaplin married Paulette Goddard; Alan “The Horse” Ameche, a famous NFL fullback for the Baltimore Colts was born—and Josephine “Jodie” Berry was Read More

From a Lightning Bug’s Point of View

I once heard a story about a lightning bug convention that was held on Farmer Smith’s back 40 acres. Lightning bugs came from all over the country to this great convention. They came by the thousands; perhaps even millions came for the event. They spent several nights flashing their lights and discussing things of special Read More

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Volume 3 Issue 3

Completing Rather Than Competing

Having retired from working in secondary public schools after 34 years of service, and now having completed my fourth year as Headmaster at Grace Academy, I have had the opportunity to watch and participate in developing a new paradigm of Christian cooperation. Coming into the private school culture I was faced with a new and Read More

Missing the Scoop

Orville and Wilbur Wright made the trip from their home in Dayton, Ohio to Kitty Hawk, N.C., for the express purpose of attempting to become airborne riding a contraption they had built. Some people thought the whole idea was novel, others believed it to be eccentric and a waste of time and money. Most people Read More

Catching the Wave of the Emerging 4-14 Movement

“Find out what God is doing, then get in on it.” This marvelous aphorism, popularized by pastor and writer Henry Blackaby 20 years ago, crystallizes how we should approach the Christian life. It is also a wonderful conceptual starting place in trying to describe a global movement of God that began to emerge in 2004. Read More

Taking the Next Step

In November of 2007, I received my first impression from the Lord that something new was about to be birthed into my life and into this darkened world we live in. At first we just called it “The Vision” and then a young lady came up with the name RENEWANATION. I will never forget the Read More

Who Cares?

The gift of a child comes packaged with unmatched privilege and incredible responsibility. They come to us so completely dependent for the fulfilling of their needs. In the beginning it’s their cry that lets us know – something isn’t right! They’re hungry, they need to be held, they’re sleepy … whatever it is, they let Read More

This is Our Moment

Recently, I attended a conference for pastors and Christian leaders where there were a host of speakers who were there to encourage and challenge the audience. One of the last speakers to present was Ron Luce, the founder and president of Teen Mania Ministries, one of the world’s largest organizations dedicated to teenagers. Teen Mania Read More

What is a Worldview?

The Christian community is waking up to the fact that we have some serious problems. And not a moment too soon. We’re called to be distinct, yet Christians by and large have the same debt problem as our non-Christian neighbors. We have the same divorce rate. Christian versus non-Christian rates of addiction are comparable. We Read More

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Volume 4 Issue 1

Who is Evangelizing Your Child?

You might be surprised to hear that every school in America today is teaching religion. I know, we’ve been told that the separation of church and state does not allow for the teaching of religion in government schools but religion is being taught in an aggressive fashion, every single day. You ask, “What religion is Read More

Fueling the Flame of a Biblical Worldview

Q & A with Dr. Jeff Myers “More than anything a skeptic needs to see that there is a thinking community of people who are not developing their beliefs around what they don’t know, but that they are developing their beliefs around what they can reasonably and intelligently know.” Editor’s Note: Dr. Jeff Myers, President Read More

Teaching the Christian Worldview

How does a school give a Christian worldview to every student? Fundamental to this endeavor is good teaching that presents a clear, Christian perspective. To provide a broad, scriptural foundation in the mind of the student from their earliest years, proper use of Christian curricula and application of biblical truth to curricula in all subjects Read More

Unity of Community

“It is a good reminder that we are not competing against each other. Our goal as Christian schools is to ultimately impact young lives for Christ no matter which setting they choose.”   This past November our school collaboration group composed of Broadfording, New Life, Shalom, Heritage and Grace Academies hosted a professional development training Read More

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Volume 4 Issue 2

Tough Questions

By Janene Dubbeld Traveling far from home, I listened to a mother’s heart. “We’re just not sure what to do about school. Next year is middle school, and Christian education is so expensive.” My head nodded, and my heart went out to her. I had just heard a similar story only the week before! My Read More

The RENEWANATION Review Online

View the RENEWANATION Review in its entirety online. Read More

Uniting the Church, Family, and School

Dr. Glenn Schultz makes a great point in his book, “Kingdom Education” concerning what it takes to successfully raise a child who will know, love and serve Jesus. (more…) Read More

A Church on Mission

Schools all across America are struggling to survive. This battle affects both public and private education. Administrators daily face severe budget challenges and pray for help. (more…) Read More

American Business and the Christian Worldview

Why is America great? We might answer this question in any number of ways. (more…) Read More

Academics and a Christian Worldview

By Michael J. Stell, MATS “What fellowship has light with darkness?” Paul asked the Corinthians this when it came to the issue of being married to an unbeliever (2 Cor. 6:14). Many Christians apply this same idea to the relationship between a Christian worldview and the life of learning. At best it is a kind Read More

Schools and the Vision of Renewanation: Does Christian Education Really Matter?

By Melvin Adams – Renewanation President & COO Since the vision of Renewanation is to offer every child a Christian worldview, schools are a most logical focus in our mission. As we approach the subject of schools, many important questions surface. To be sure, there are varied opinions on some of the answers. But because Read More

Parents, Wake Up!

By Jeff Keaton – Renewanation Founder & CEO “Are Christian kids in non-Christian environments evangelizing the lost or are the lost evangelizing our kids?” (more…) Read More

What’s the Big Deal About Legislation?

By Melvin Adams – Renewanation President & COO Did your mom ever tell you, “There are two things you should never talk about in public: religion and politics?” To be honest, my mom never did—and I’m glad! Religion and politics are probably two things everyone should talk about. Like it or not, they affect us Read More

Making a Difference

By Jeff Keaton, Founder & CEO RENEWANATION has been greatly blessed from her inception by key individuals who have felt God’s call to get behind this nation changing vision and work. When I first shared this new vision with the congregation I was pastoring, I was somewhat anxious about what their response would be. However, Read More

We All Have Regrets

We all have regrets; those negative conscious and emotional responses to personal past acts or behaviors. One of my biggest regrets is attending a secular university. (more…) Read More

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Volume 5 Issue 1

Good Laws Are Worth The Fight

Eighteen years of experience as a Pennsylvania State representative verified the complexity of constructing and passing good laws and the difficulty of blocking bad laws. Sadly, it is modern politics. Read More

Take Action – It Matters!

It is truly exciting to see the progress being made in different states when it comes to positive legislation being passed that gives parents greater control over educational choices for their children and gives taxpayers greater opportunity to support education they feel best serves their communities. But many people don’t understand the significant impact they Read More

Businessmen Serving Jesus With Distinction

Your common sense, intentional influence, and huge investment … is critical to the health of the Church and our nation. Do you remember Joe the Plumber? He became a media sensation when he brought the basic common sense he learned as a businessman into a political debate that seriously needed it. Reality is, there are Read More

Community Networking That Pays

Community Networking is a proven way to connect God’s purpose to local people who can help you impact young lives for Christ. I sat at my desk and began to ponder how my community could truly be a part of my passion and cause. Like so many in ministry, my family and I had come Read More

Does the School Environment Really Matter?

If we want our children to have a moral foundation, we have to acknowledge that the environment in which they are educated academically has a significant effect on who they become. I am regularly asked why my children attend a Christian school. Due to my profession, I can easily begin listing all of the vast Read More

A Father’s Love

It’s never too late to be a loving father… or to go back to One. In the Bible there is an interesting account of a father and his two sons. You probably know the story. One son decided that he wanted to make his own way in the world so he took what he could Read More

What Is Christian Education?

Christian education is far more than helping ensure students’ mastery of traditional academic disciplines. At its core, it should inspire within the young person a love for truth, because the pursuit of truth ultimately leads one to God and His revelation to man through Jesus Christ. Read More

Falsehood: How Much is Too Much?

Over the years that I have been involved in the effort to provide children with Christian world- view education, I have talked with a lot of parents about whether or not it was a worthwhile investment for them. (more…) Read More

Are We Leaving Our Children by the Side of the Secular Road?

I believe that a critical component of any successful preventative approach to juvenile crime is the opportunity for all children to learn their true identity in Christ. Read More

Pastors, Is Education On Your Radar?

In a child’s life, there are three primary shaping influences: home, church, and school. (more…) Read More

Our Vision For Churches

If Christian worldview education is going to become accessible to millions of new children, churches will need to catch a fresh glimpse of the power of instilling a Christian worldview in the hearts and minds of children. (more…) Read More

When Less Becomes More

And Jesus sat down opposite the treasury and watched the people putting money into the offering box. Many rich people put in large sums. And a poor widow came and put in two small copper coins, which make a penny. And He called His disciples to Him and said to them, “Truly, I say to Read More

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Volume 6 Issue 1

Why Choose a Christian College?

If I told you straight out that you and your family can choose a better education that strengthens your faith for about the same debt load as a public university and that you would most likely finish earlier and be more satisfied with the total experience, why would you not choose a Christian college? Read More

Is Your Child’s Textbook Christian or Secular?

  By Dr. Bryan Smith Many years ago I sat in Bill Apelian’s office. As the director of BJU Press, Bill had a keen interest in making regular improvements to the organization, and he thought I could help. “I’d like to offer you the position of Bible Integration Coordinator,” he told me. “You would review Read More

Why I Put My Kids in Christian School

On Tuesday, November 22, 2011, I sat at my kindergartner’s Thanksgiving school assembly. Before I knew it, tears rolled down my face as I watched my daughter recite Psalm 136. It wasn’t that I was utterly amazed at her ability, especially since we had never practiced it at home; instead it was the joy exuding Read More

Teachers and the Politics of Education Unions

This article shares a perspective on union spending by Pennsylvania public school teacher, John Cress. We share it because it helps to illustrate the dilemma many teachers have who work in public education – teachers dealing with the politics of education unions which often support political agendas in direct contradiction to their personal and Christian Read More

Does Education Impact Discipleship?

ROBERT – Your question might be too general for me to answer. By discipleship do you mean spiritual formation of an individual or intentionally being a means of spiritual growth for someone else? MELVIN – My answer to your question would be “both.” My purpose is to promote thinking on the topic, especially among pastors, Read More

A Hero in Christian Education

Hanging in the atrium of Sherwood Baptist Church is a large banner which reads, “Whoever wants the next generation the most will get them.” This message has been the heart cry of our senior pastor, Michael Catt. When looking for a new school headmaster nine years ago, church leadership wanted to make sure they found Read More

A Broken Relationship

As a pastor I often have the opportunity to sit and discuss marriage issues with couples. Many times I sit with two wonderful and talented people with a long history who have duplicated themselves in a couple of children. Despite having much in common and many reasons to stay together, too often the challenges they Read More

Education and Its Impact on a Child’s Faith in Jesus

I want to introduce you to Avery, a former student of mine. Avery had a lot going for him. His grandfather was a senior pastor. His parents loved each other and the Lord. Avery was active in a Bible-believing, gospel-centered church, had Christian friends, and played on the student worship band. If there was ever Read More

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Volume 6 Issue 2

Truth for the Classroom

Postmodernism teaches that truth is relative and that we should learn to appreciate different perspectives—especially nontraditional ones. The Christian view of truth, they say, is dangerous. Read More

Characteristics of a Vibrant Christian School – Part 1

By Jeff Keaton – Renewanation Founder Throughout my lifetime, I’ve had the privilege of being around and benefiting from many Christian schools. As a child going into the third grade, I attended my first Christian school in New Albany, Indiana. My father started Clearfork Christian Academy as a response to his conviction that his nine Read More

Morality and the Irrationality of an Evolutionary Worldview

By Dr. Georgia Purdom and Dr. Jason Lisle   Morality is a very difficult problem for the evolutionary worldview. This is not to say that evolutionists are somehow less moral than biblical creationists—or anyone else. Most evolutionists adhere to a moral code and believe in the concept of right and wrong. But evolutionists have no Read More

What ‘GOD’ Are We Pursuing?

By Glen Schultz, Ed.D. I am very concerned with the current state of education in our country. However, my greatest concern is not so much about what is happening in the general educational community but what is happening with the education of children in the Christian community. (more…) Read More

Is Your Child the Exception?

By Keith McCurdy Is  your child the exception to the rule? They better be because the myth that continues to be pushed on us about education will inevitably fall apart at some point. (more…) Read More

Our Culture: Progressing or Digressing?

By Jeff Keaton, Founder & Chairman of Renewanation One of my nieces, who is currently completing her R.N. program, recently shared with me one of her experiences in a secular university. In one class, she was asked to rate a list of sexual activities and preferences on a scale of most acceptable (adaptive) to least Read More

Schools: A No Brainer for a Church on Mission

Trends come and go in the life of the Church. With trends come new terminology and sometimes new tradition. At the heart of it, is the quest to influence people and point them to the truth that sets free and empowers the soul to be all God designed it to be. (more…) Read More

Public Schools and Worldview

By Finn Laursen CEAI Executive Director “Any system of education …which limits instruction to the arts and sciences and rejects the aids of religion in forming the characters of citizens, is essentially defective.” – Noah Webster Today our public schools are a culture that is foreign to a biblical worldview making it like many other Read More

Getting Directions from the Owner Through His Word

Life stewardship is grounded in the foundational truth that God is the Owner of all things. This truth has far-reaching impact into every area of our lives. God owns our homes, our cars, our bank accounts, our investments, our children, our spouses, our bodies, our time, our abilities — just to name a few of Read More

One Size Does Not Fit All

I am 6’2” tall , and I have size twelve feet. Long ago I accepted the fact that “one size does not fit all!” Occasionally, however, I would forget that this truth also applies to parenting. It never took long for one of my children to remind me. Sometimes I realized my mistake after an Read More

Generous Steps of Faith:

How God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things By Zach Clark The dining room at the local breakfast eatery rings with the early morning laughter of five men as they greet each other for breakfast on a spring morning in 2002. Their agenda is unknown to the other patrons of the restaurant as each Read More

The Separation of Church and Life

By Megan Clark A PERVASIVE MYTH HAS SPREAD into families in the Church; the separation of church and life. It’s easy to slip into this separatist mindset leaving spiritual growth to pastors, Sunday school teachers, and youth group leaders. (more…) Read More

The Two Most Critical Words Missing From American Vocabulary Today

The greatest deterrent to human liberty is independence itself. Independence from God, that is. As we move further away from individual recognition of Higher Law, and personal accountability to the Higher Judge, the less liberty we all have. Read More

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Volume 7 Issue 1

Where Homeschoolers Struggle in College

When it comes to educating your children, homeschooling is an incredible option, and it has the numbers to prove it. Read More

The Arts and Christian Education

How can art transform culture? The answer to this question may be answered in both ideological and practical terms. First of all, the arts may and should glorify God. Read More

Textbooks: Messages Subtle and Not So Subtle

Sometimes you can see a book’s agenda by what authors put in and sometimes by what they leave out. How do you know what your textbooks are really saying? Read More

Something Just Doesn’t Smell Right

By Tim Throckmorton One of the things my wife has trained me to do is practice the use of a very popular little product called “hand sanitizer.” So after a shopping stop or handling potentially germ carrying things, I am now pretty well trained to reach into my console and apply said hand sanitizer rather Read More

Parking Lot Discipleship

We were running a tad late for church Sunday morning … story of our lives. Read More

Godly Offspring

A few months ago I was privileged to hear Dr. Del Tackett speak in person. Dr. Tackett is the teacher on The Truth Project; he worked in the White House for the first President Bush, and has experienced a lifetime of amazing accomplishments. Read More

God’s Call to Educate

God called me to teach. There is no debate in my mind or in the minds of my family and those closest to me. Becoming an educator was in my DNA from the time he created me. Read More

A Worldview that Revolves Around God

I thought I knew what was best for me. I tried endlessly to convince my parents that I would be better off in public school where I could make more friends, share God’s love with people who had never experienced it, and be involved in the sports and activities that weren’t offered at my Christian Read More

Now Playing – The End of Religious Freedom

By Jen Wooldridge – Editor & Designer of The Renewanation Review In 2014, President Obama signed an executive order making it illegal for federal contractors to discriminate against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees. How could this likely affect Christian colleges, schools, and businesses? (more…) Read More

Erasing Our Christian Identity, One School Day at a Time

By Mike Riddle The fact that America was founded upon biblical principles is well documented. The Declaration of Independence makes reference to the Creator and being created. Our Washington, D.C. monuments have inscriptions that make reference to God and Jesus Christ. The original public school system used the Bible as a main reading source. (more…) Read More

Why Christian Schools Should Use Biblically Integrated Online Courses

Have you considered how the academic material in a course is influenced by the author’s worldview? Since most textbooks train students to think from a Godless worldview, (more…) Read More

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Volume 7 Issue 2

Same Lie, Different Tree

By Dr. Glen Schultz Satan has been up to his old ways ever since that dreadful day we find recorded in Genesis 3. If you recall, Satan made a false claim that Eve “bit” into. The lie he presented to her was that if she ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, Read More

The “Three R’s” of a Church & School Partnership

For the past seven years, our community has been blessed to have a Christian school. Read More

Our Nation’s Greatest Hope: How do we reclaim our society for Christ?

History has proven that the education of one generation prepares the culture and future of the next. Read More

Gone in Only One Generation: The Battle for Kids’ Minds

The “god of this world” may shift his seductions slightly from generation to generation, but the basic challenge is always the same. So Christians must be ever vigilant. Read More

America’s Godly Heritage

By Tim Throckmorton Nothing seems to incite more controversy these days than the phrase “Christian Nation.” In fact, I have seen folks with swelled veins and clenched fists who refuse to believe it’s so. Now before the lawyers get too antsy and the charges are filed, allow me to take a few minutes and explain Read More

Seven Tips for Curious Learning

Curiosity and imitation are active in young children. Children are sponges, natural learners, eager learners, nosy and inquisitive. Read More

Mission Accomplished

It was the fall of 2001, and God began to stir in my heart a desire to start a Christian school at the church I was pastoring in Roanoke, Virginia. Starting a Christian school had not been high on my priority list coming out of college. Read More

Worth the Sacrifice

In 2013, my children began attending Roanoke Valley Christian School for preschool. My oldest daughter was four and would enter kindergarten at the local public school the following year, or so we thought. Read More

God’s Strength and Our Weakness

Why don’t more pastors get involved in Christian education—either by starting a school or by being a vocal supporter? There are many answers, but many of them come back to one main problem: self-doubt. We fear that getting involved would require more than we could give. Read More

Giving Grandchildren the Gift of a Christian Education

By Josh Mulvihill What is a grandparent’s role in a grandchild’s education? Many grandparents have never considered that Christian education can be an impactful way to make a spiritual investment in a grandchild’s life. For many grandparents, educational involvement with a grandchild is limited to attendance at Grandparent’s Day. While attendance at Grandparent’s Day is Read More

We Must Help Our Youth Guard Their Hearts

Secular options are aggressively competing for our Christian students’ time and attention both in the traditional classroom as well as online. We must do everything in our power to protect our students from these advances and ensure that kids in CHRISTIAN schools get a CHRISTIAN education. (more…) Read More

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Volume 8 Issue 1

“I guess I would call myself an agnostic.”

For the Christian parent, pastor, or educator, these might be some of the most devastating words they could imagine hearing, especially if the statement was from a graduating senior they had invested years of their life in. Read More

Why Christian Education Matters — A Business Perspective

I have confidence that with a Christ-based education, my children are being trained to work hard, persevere when struggles arise and pursue any project with diligence and a positive attitude. Read More

Weeds, Roots, and Discipleship

We looked at the blisters on our hands and talked about how removing weeds from our lives might even be painful, but the healthy soil we leave behind in our hearts will grow sweet and delicious fruit. Read More

The Tragedy of American Higher Education

Imagine wide, manicured lawns, lofty brick building, and doors bearing nameplates inscribed with authoritative credentials. When tour groups walk through my college campus, this is what they see. Read More

The Right Kind of Influence

I do a lot of traveling, so meeting new people is something I do almost every day. Read More

Serving All Schools: A Key to Community Transformation

By Melvin Adams I recently attended a conference for pastors and ministry leaders where the focus was transformational ministry. One of the sessions was led by the pastor of a “significant” church who spoke about transforming communities through ministry in local schools. I was captured by his thesis that every challenge and opportunity of a Read More

Impact Follows Obedience

In late 2014 and early 2015, Renewanation was engaged to spearhead a Christian school revitalization effort at Smith Mountain Lake Christian Academy (SMLCA). Read More

Help Affect Change Through Legislation

One of the amazing things about this country is every citizen has the potential to influence legislation in ways that can bring tremendous good to all. Few things have more impact on our daily lives than legislation. Read More

Four Ts for Shaping a Christian Worldview

By Melvin Adams People often ask what a worldview is and how it is developed. These are important questions, so I will briefly address them. But the more pressing question to me is how a Christian or biblical worldview is formed and passed on to our children and grandchildren. Let’s see if we can find some Read More

Fit for Battle: Are Children Prepared to Be Salt and Light?

By Glen Schultz, Ed.D. “My children need to be salt and light.” This is by far one of the most oft-given reasons why Christian parents continue to send their children to secular schools. They usually quote Jesus’ admonition in Matthew 5:13-14 where He declares, “YOU are the salt of the earth. YOU are the light Read More

Building Faith in Jesus Through Christian Education: Practical Tips on Hosting a Christian Education Fair

Education is a powerful shaping influence in the life of every child. Every book, teacher, and curriculum has a worldview and will impact a child’s faith in Jesus. Read More

Lessons Time and Life Have Taught Me

A Speech Given to Graduates By Jeff Keaton, Renewanation Founder & CEO Dear Graduates, Perhaps the greatest thing I underestimated on the days I graduated from high school and college was the value of experience as the preeminent teacher in life. Maybe you’re different than I am, but I pretty much have to live through Read More

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Volume 8 Issue 2

What the Fighting Over Gender Issues Is Really About

The cultural battle over sexuality and gender comes down to one thing: a meaningful life. That is what all of the fighting is about, and it is why it rages with such fury and vitriol. Read More

What Shapes Your Philosophy of Education?

One’s philosophy of education is of utmost importance because it drives everything that takes place in the educational process. Note that I didn’t say the school’s philosophy, but the individual teacher/parent’s philosophy is of utmost importance. Read More

This is Not a Daycare. It’s a University!

This past week, I actually had a student come forward after a university chapel service and complain because he felt “victimized” by a sermon on the topic of 1 Corinthians 13. Read More

The Bible in State Academic Standards

There is a common misconception that, while teaching about various world religions may be acceptable for cultural awareness, teaching about the Bible and Christianity is not allowed in public school classrooms because of concerns over the establishment of religion. Read More

Students Told to Worship the Sun?

Imagine if public school students in their science classes were encouraged to worship the sun. And yet this is happening! But how do they get away with it? Read More

Our Place in God’s Plan

I have for many years lectured across the country on the subject of a biblical worldview. I often begin by talking about Genesis 1:28. Read More

Launch a Christian School Effectively

Why start a Christian school? Because we have no other option. The necessity for solid Christian schools has never been greater than in today’s culture. Read More

Introducing Dr. Kristin Bird

I have been involved with children and teaching them about God since I was very little. My mother had a Christian daycare/preschool in our home, and we always had kids around. We lived across the street from a hospital and would take the children in shifts, so they literally were always around. Read More

Five Things You Can Do About Transgender Restrooms

By Eric Metaxas The government’s staggering overreach this year smacks more of colonial tyranny than anything I can remember. Parents are rightly outraged, but what can we do? My BreakPoint colleague, John Stonestreet, and I are both dads. In fact, we are both dads of daughters. Thus, the bathroom edict from the Obama Administration hit Read More

Does Education Affect Culture?

Is Christian education really that important? Math is Math and English is English no matter how it is taught, right? Read More

Debunking the 8 Most Popular Myths about Christian Education

By Bill Blankschaen “I am afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell, unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of youth.” Martin Luther   It would be sinful for me to send my children to a public school in America. I’m not saying Read More

Completing the Circle of Redemption

Jenny was just a 13-year-old girl when a 22-year-old pastor knocked on the door of her inner-city home. Read More

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Volume 9 Issue 1

Why Christian Education

A Christian school is not a place where a few “ornaments” like prayer, chapels, and Bible classes merely complement an otherwise secular education. Genuine Christian education seeks to integrate God’s Word into every facet of the curriculum as well as all co-curricular activities. Read More

To Whom Do Children Belong?

It is time we take control of how our children are educated and make sure they receive a Bible-based, Christ-centered education at home, at church, and at school. If we don’t, we will continue to see the vast majority of our children develop a man-centered worldview and walk away from the faith. Read More

Three Keys for Biblical Integration in Teaching

By Dr. Kristin Bird Too often teachers rely on curriculum guides to tell them how to integrate biblical principles into the concepts they are teaching their students. However, there are times when the curriculum guide may not adequately prepare the teacher for the moments when the student can learn the most. In those teachable moments, Read More

The Truth About Truth

By Tim Throckmorton Truth, that elusive and controversial subject that has found itself discussed and debated and even denied for ages. A brief observation reveals that truth seems to have changed over the years. In Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, we find the definition of truth to be: “conformity to fact or reality; exact accordance with that Read More

The Pursuit of Happiness and the Lost Purpose for Learning

What makes a person happy? Before I go any further, let me say I do not believe personal happiness is what life is about. A “pursuit of happiness” apart from Christ leads over a cliff. For followers of Christ, our pursuit must be centered on Him, not on ourselves. Read More

The Conquest of Thought

Last summer my 17-year-old son took part in a medical internship for rising high-school seniors. It was a great experience for him, except in one instance. Read More

Six Deficits Students in Secular Schools Must Overcome

According to much research, the church in America has been losing a significant majority of young people for several decades now. Read More

The Church, Homosexuality, and America

Even with that solid foundation, it didn’t take long in a school with a secular worldview before my own worldview started shifting in ways that were unknown to me consciously. Read More

Quit Hating Yourself. Start Leading.

When it comes to money, most people carry baggage. The topic of money can evoke emotion in a person that travels as far back as their childhood. I find that many leaders bring baggage with them into their conversations with donors about giving. Read More

LEGO Theology

Everyone should be so lucky to be able to take a walk with Harrison. The kid talks non-stop, but not in a nonsensical way. He is philosophical, inventive, imaginative, and puts complicated matters in a simple order. Read More

Is It Time?

On a regular basis, we hear from secular school, Christian administrators and teachers who are questioning whether or not it’s time to make a clean break from their efforts to reform and impact public education. Read More

Can We Agree to a Lie?

Over the past several years, I’ve enjoyed opportunities to impact kids’ lives with truth. The school I taught at was not a Christian school, but the founding director was a wise leader. Read More

Affording a Biblical Worldview Education

With a look of deep concern, the young father began the meeting with a direct and pointed question, “How am I going to be able to afford a Christian education for my kids?” Read More

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Volume 9 Issue 2

What if they offered you control of the public schools?

What would your church and pastor do if the superintendent of your local public school district walked in and said, “We want to turn the leadership of our public schools over to your church. Read More

Undoing John Dewey’s Impact on American Public Education

To say that Dewey has impacted our culture is an understatement. We may not agree with his philosophy, but we must give credit where credit is due: John Dewey’s vision transformed the American educational landscape. Read More

Maybe the Earth is Flat

In a world where facts are fluid, truth is transient through time, and morality moves with prevailing cultural shifts, maybe the earth is flat. Read More

Have We Survived Secular Education?

A couple of months ago, I was walking through an antique shop with a good friend. I came across some old editions of Life magazine. As I shuffled through the pile of copies, one cover caught my eye. Read More

Strengthening Christian Schools – The Power of Assessment

While performance assessments for faculty, staff, students, and board members have become routine and are certainly necessary, Christian schools miss an even greater opportunity to improve their impact when they fail to additionally include overall system assessments. Read More

How to Prevent Losing Another Generation

Most churches, it seems, are full of Christian parents, Sunday school teachers, and pastors who tell similar heartrending stories. They just can’t believe what’s happening. Read More