Ideas to Save Money


* Are there services that you are paying others to do that you could do?

* Do you subscribe to newspapers or magazines that you do not need?

* Can you eliminate long distance phone calls and e-mail instead?

* Can you reduce the number of times you eat out?

* Have you shopped around for cheaper insurance – car, home, life?

* Are there possessions that you are not using that you could sell?

* Are there credit cards that you should destroy?

* Can you reduce your electric bill?

* Does your family pet require excessive time or money?

* Can you reduce your medical and dental bills by practicing preventative medicine?

* Do you spend money on entertainment or on hobbies which is excessive?

* Does just walking through the mall create buying temptations for you?

* Do you come home from garage sales with items you do not need?

* Do Christmas and vacations set you back financially for months?