Head of School

Job Description

The Head of School is the lead administrator of the school.  In partnership with the school board, the Head of School is responsible for the school’s success. The Head of School provides spiritual, educational, and administrative leadership to the school’s campuses and programs. It is his/her responsibility to inspire, lead, and direct all phases of the school’s operations, including curriculum development, personnel matters (recruiting, hiring, coaching, rewarding, training, and retaining high performing staff while disciplining, and terminating those who do not meet the school’s standards of excellence and integrity), and the execution of all educational programs. The Head of School is also responsible for the optimization of all other support programs and ancillary functions necessary for a successful school including as budget, facilities operations, missions, sports, fine arts, and the creation of an overall culture of academic rigor that is capable of preparing students for future success in the 21st century, which is also balanced within a caring, nurturing and Christ­-centered environment. The Head of School reports to and takes direction from the school board, and must act in accordance with the policies established by the board.


a. Education – The successful candidate must have, at a minimum, a Bachelor’s degree, in appropriate courses of study.  A M.Ed., Ph.D or Ed.D in an appropriate course of study is preferred.

b. Experience – The successful candidate must have, at a minimum, at least 3 years of managing and leading a similarly-­sized organization, preferably in an educational environment.

c. Faith – A successful candidate must also have and profess a personal and mature commitment to faith in Jesus Christ and assent to the school’s Statement of Faith and Mission Statement.  In addition, the candidate will possess a strong, clear Christian testimony, maintain a Christ-centered home, demonstrate a mature, godly spirit as a person of faith and prayer, and model the qualities of a servant leader.

d. Professional, Behavioral and Personal Attributes – The successful candidate demonstrates, to the satisfaction of the school board, the following competencies:

• Be a person of integrity, respectful of and loyal to constituted authority.

• Remain approachable, interact easily and effectively with staff / constituents and community entities while demonstrating sensitivity to their concerns / needs.

• Be positive, courteous, professional, and tactful in dealing with parents, students, and staff.

• Demonstrate him or herself to be an enthusiastic and visionary leader who is an encourager of others and a self­-starter with a high energy level and desire for personal and professional achievement for himself/herself and staff.

• Demonstrate a complete range of leadership skills and abilities necessary for success in this position; possess leadership that is characterized as dynamic and driven; have a demonstrated track record of results-­oriented leadership with specific successes to which he or she can point.

• Maintain the trust, confidence and respect of school community.

• Demonstrate excellent time management and organization skills; demonstrate an ability to delegate and to accomplish tasks through coordination and facilitation.

• Handle multiple tasks and responsibilities with competing due dates and priorities.


To apply for this position, email your resumé to ron@renewanation.org.