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Renewanation hosts conferences, seminars, and workshops to encourage and support Christian educators, administrators, and pastors.

We also host benefit events, both public and private.

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Our 2018 Speakers

Dr. Mark Bird · God’s Bible School & College
Dr. Mark Bird teaches theology, evangelism, and philosophy at God’s Bible School and College in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he also directs online studies. He is the author of the book Defending Your Faith, a twelve-lesson series in apologetics published by Answers in Genesis.

Jeff Keaton · Renewanation
Jeff Keaton has been a successful pastor, church and school planter, and ministry entrepreneur. As the founder and CEO of Renewanation, Jeff now works to help awaken the church to the great need to give every child a biblical worldview. He is the author of The Life of Radical Faith.

Stephen McDowell · Providence Foundation
Stephen McDowell, co-founder and president of the Providence Foundation, has trained people from 100 countries to apply biblical truth in all spheres of life. He has authored over 30 books, videos, and training courses including Liberating the Nations and America’s Providential History.

Bryan Osborne · Answers in Genesis
Bryan Osborne holds a master’s degree in education from Lee University. Bryan taught Bible history in a public school for 13 years and has been teaching Christians to defend their faith for nearly 20 years. Bryan is now a speaker and author for Answers in Genesis.

Dr. Christian Overman · Worldview Matters
Dr. Overman is the Founding Director of Worldview Matters and the author of Assumptions That Affect Our Lives and God’s Pleasure At Work & The Difference One Life Can Make. He has taught on the topic of biblical worldview and Christian education across America and around the world.

Mike Riddle · Creation Training Initiative
Mike is the founder and president of Creation Training Initiative. He is an international speaker and teacher on biblical creation, apologetics, and Christian education and has been involved in creation apologetics for over 35 years. Mike was a Captain in the USMC.

Ben Schettler · Ask or Think Ministries
Ben Schettler is the founder of Ask or Think Ministries, a cultural missionary organization seeking to transform the way the Church gives answers to skeptical objections. Ben has served as a pastor, political adviser to Dr. Ben Carson, and co-hosted a TV show syndicated on CTV.

Dr. Bryan Smith · BJU Press
Dr. Bryan Smith has worked in Christian education for over twenty years. He has been a classroom teacher as well as a textbook author. He is the Bible Integration Senior Manager at BJU Press. He assists authors and teachers in the work of integrating faith and learning in the classroom.

Our 2018 Session Topics

What’s The Big Deal About Worldview?
What do we mean by worldview? What does a biblical worldview consist of? Why is it so important that we develop and teach from a biblical worldview?

Personal Biblical Worldview Assessment
Each attendee will be given a biblical worldview assessment test. This test will help educators understand their areas of weakness and will guide organizational leaders in knowing where more training is needed.

Biblical Authority and Sufficiency
Who has the final say? God or man? In this session, we will discover why we believe the Bible to be the inerrant, infallible word of God and why we believe it is the absolute foundation for law, life, and practice.

The Bible – The Bedrock of our Republic
Was America founded on biblical principles or is that a wishful myth? Why has America experienced such tremendous blessings across the last 200 years? Were our founding fathers deeply influenced by the Christian faith?

The Lost Purpose of Education
Why do we educate children? Is it simply so they can get a good job, make money, and live a happy life? Is there a deeper purpose behind our work as educators? In this session, we will rediscover the lost purpose of education.

Secular or Biblical Philosophy of Education
What are the fundamental differences between a secular and biblical worldview education? How do we teach history, science, literature, and all other subjects from a biblical worldview perspective?

Generation Z and a Biblical Worldview
Challenged by the thinking and actions of today’s children? In this session, we will learn what every educator needs to know about the Z generation and key ideas for biblical worldview shaping tailored for the Z generation.

Integrating Biblical Worldview in the Classroom
Learn how to contextualize biblical worldview in our everyday teaching. Discover tools and techniques to accomplish the primary purpose of Christian education.

Creation and Evolution
Is it critical what we believe about origins? Is the Genesis account of creation literal and in harmony with observational science? What are the ramifications of accepting theistic evolution or other less than literal Genesis accounts of origins?

The Power of Christian Textbooks
How do textbooks affect a teacher’s ability to integrate biblical worldview into their teaching? In this session, we will see the major differences between Christian and secular textbooks, and we will better understand how biblically integrated textbooks serve as a daily biblical integration guide.

Bonus Breakout Sessions for Administrators:
Building Dynamic Donor Relationships
Strengthening Your School from Within

Bonus Breakout Sessions for Teachers:
Private Discussions with Several of Our Speakers
Implementing Biblical Worldview Training in the Classroom

800 Acres of Renewal & Recreation

Our sessions are packed full of intense training, so you’ll need time to relax and have fun.

Explore our beautiful 800 acre mountain through gator rides, hiking, a nine hole disc golf course, and ziplines.

Cost is only $150 per person!
Includes all training sessions plus lodging and meals.

Cost is $100 per person if no lodging required.

Receive a $1,000 travel bonus!*
*Available to the first 10 organizations that register 25 or more individuals. To be paid upon arrival at camp.

Need more information?
Contact Judy Ralph

Location of Camp
Manderley Christian Camp & Conference Center
100 Manderley Lane Pikeville, TN 37367
Julianna Mast: 540-521-9821

Register for July 23-24, 2018

  • Arrive Sunday night
  • Training begins at 8:30am on Monday
  • Camp concludes with dinner on Tuesday
  • Lodging available Sunday night – Tuesday night

Register for July 30-31, 2018

  • Arrive Sunday night
  • Training begins at 8:30am on Monday
  • Camp concludes with dinner on Tuesday
  • Lodging available Sunday night – Tuesday night

Register for August 2-3, 2018

  • Arrive Wednesday night
  • Training begins at 8:30am on Thursday
  • Camp concludes with dinner on Friday
  • Lodging available Wednesday night – Friday night


Donor Development Boot Camp with Zach Clark

September 20-22, 2018