Donor Stories

See Renewanation in action! Your faithful partnership through financial support and prayers are impacting the lives of children today and will continue to make a significant difference in the years to come.

“I am a retired widow who is blessed to be a blessing. I cannot give to every cause, but I would like to invest in the future of someone… My donation is not sizeable, but I hope that it helps. I am encouraged by the goals of Renewanation. May our God multiply this seed, in Jesus name.”
Retired Widow


“The Ranch”

This beautiful part of God’s creation sits on 2,000 acres in the Sequatchie Valley of Tennessee. There are six homes and cabins, as well as numerous barns that service a herd of 800 Angus cattle. Originally, the owner planned to leave the ranch to Renewanation when she passed away.

Our mutual dreams and plans have always been to build a camp where children could be taught a biblical worldview during the summer months. We also planned to use the ranch for retreats to teach educators, pastors, etc., biblical worldview and its importance in the lives of children and youth.

God began to speak to the owner about speeding up the process so she could see this camp in action. After much prayer and thought, she decided to proceed with deeding the first 800 acres to Renewanation and beginning phase one of the camp. Renewanation is now the owner of 800 acres, and the process is in full swing to complete phase one. Click here to read more about Manderley Christian Camp and Conference Center.


“Jeff, during the spring of 2014 I had read your book titled “The Life of Radical Faith.” Previously, I read a couple of other books written by Francis Chan & David Platt centered on this same theme of living a life of radical faith. That same summer our Sunday School class was doing a study by Mark Batterson called “All In.” Over and over again God was telling me that I needed to take a big step of faith. I needed to get out of my comfort zone and significantly invest in His kingdom. There is no doubt that God had been preparing mine and Linda’s heart in the years and months prior to supporting Renewanation; making it clear crystal clear that we needed to honor Him with our wealth. God gave to us so that we could give to others. Ron and his wife, Tanya, as well as Linda & I, were in that same Sunday School Class when we had done the “All In” study. It was neat to see as we went through that study how God was working on all of us to make our individual sacrifices.

I choose to partner with Renewanation not only because of their commitment to help Christian schools keep their doors open but because they are equally committed to helping these schools find solid biblical curriculum which builds true Christian character in its students.

We need men and women with a passion to see the next generation of leaders trained in biblical values and in an atmosphere where they can actually exercise and use their faith. We need people to step out in faith, trust God, and financially support Renewanation so that we can not only build new schools but help revitalize those schools that already exist.

Once it became settled in our hearts that we were going to be making a significant investment in biblical worldview education we wanted to partner with a ministry that didn’t have high overhead and that would achieve the best return for our money. We choose Renewanation because we felt that there would be a good return on our investment.”
Mark Schneider

Our founder, Jeff Keaton, received a note from a retired pastor who has been a consistent supporter of Renewanation. The note simply said, “Due to the fact that my wife and I had to move into an assisted living facility, I will now only be able to send $5 each month.” Jeff knew a little bit about this pastor’s situation, so he knew that $5 is a great sacrifice. Jeff’s heart was so touched that he pulled our office staff together and shared this pastor’s story. His gift was of great significance to God and our work because it was given out of a heart of tremendous love and sacrifice.
Retired Pastor

“Thank you for sharing a beautiful event with us. I wanted my dear husband to hear what you are doing in our world today, and he just loved it, so we want to support you with our funds. Now, we are asking God just how much and how we are to pay it over our lifetime. We also have some other ideas in mind on how we can support you. God bless you and everyone who is working to save our dear children with the truth of God.”