Christian School Revitalization

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Why Revitalize?

The combination of an increasing demand for Christian education with the poor sustainability of Christian schools is driving an acute need for Christian school revitalization.

The demand for Christian education is rising in the United States as concerns with the strength and safety of our public education system grows, and the cultural decay in our nation has become more obvious.

Over the past decade, hundreds of Christian schools have closed their doors due to a wide variety of concerns ranging from poor leadership to financial struggles to weak academics and others. As indicated by many sources, enrollment figures have consistently dropped. According to the US Dept of Education’s Private School Universe Survey (PSS) prepared in 2014, the number of private schools in 2011-12 dropped by 7% over the course of only four years.

“The hour has never been more critical for champions of Christian education! Renewanation is answering the call with their school revitalization program. Engineered by gifted godly men and women and framed in excellence with tested and proven practices, Renewanation’s Christian education model will put new life in struggling schools to equip them to run the race well.”
Brian Denlinger – Vice President, Precept Marketing Group


“Parents in neighborhoods across America are rapidly losing access to excellent and affordable Christian schools. I fully support Renewanation’s efforts to revitalize schools to prepare more young men and women who will change the world for Jesus Christ.”
Zach Clark – Founder, Development and Leadership Coaching

Solid Foundation

Jesus Christ is the foundation of a Christian school, and long-term sustainability of a Christian school will be dependent on the strength of both its philosophy and its leadership.

Key Elements Necessary for a Christian School to Thrive

The Renewanation Christian School Revitalization Program was established to improve the strength and sustainability of Christian schools so they can become thriving, God-centered Christian schools.

“Renewanation’s Christian School Revitalization program is a Godsend to Christian schools. We must get back to a biblically-based mission and philosophy if we are going to survive in today’s postmodern, anti-Christian culture. Renewanation is prepared to assist schools in establishing a strong foundation built on a biblical philosophy of education. I highly recommend this exciting new program.”
Dr. Glen Schultz – Founder, Kingdom Education Ministries


Christian School Pyramid of Stability

These models serve as the basis for both Renewanation’s Christian School Revitalization and Christian School Startup Programs. Stability for each pillar rests on the strength and submission of its foundation.

Renew Your Christian School

Renewanation has developed a Christian School Revitalization Program to partner with schools that are either struggling or have a passion to improve and grow. We use a 3-phase process of assessment, strategic planning, and implementation to support schools through revitalization. The process will typically span a period of 2 to 3 years as we coach and guide schools in the processes and tools needed to continue their journey of reaching the next generation with a thoroughly biblical, Christian education.

“We love partnering with Renewanation! We know their heart and their expertise. They have been in the trenches and have seen God be glorified in schools they have helped! I encourage you to partner with them and receive their wise counsel and support.”
Dr. R. Mark Beadle – Head of School, Sevenstar Academy


3-Phase Process

During the first phase, Renewanation uses a structured approach, utilizing tools from both education and industry, to assess all facets of a Christian school. We identify critical gaps and assess the current state of the school against known best practices, pinpointing significant opportunities for improvement. The outcome of this assessment serves as the initial feed for the second phase of revitalization, the strategic planning process.

Assessment Process

Renewanation staff will guide the school through both the planning process as well as the development of a strategic deployment plan. Partnerships with various subject matter experts in Christian education may also be used to help address significant gaps or opportunities during the third phase of implementation.

To request more information about Renewanation’s Christian School Revitalization program, contact us today. To begin your journey of revitalization, click here for our online application.

Partner With Us

Do you have a strong background in the world of Christian education and a passion for helping fuel growth in Christian schools? We are expanding our network of regional coaches. Contact us.