Change the Trajectory of your Organization – March 1-3

At Renewanation we are totally committed to strengthening and growing organizations that are helping children develop a biblical worldview. Most of the organizations involved in this great work are non-profit corporations. As a result, they must rely on the generosity of God’s people to accomplish their mission. However, many of these organizations are struggling to know how to reach out to the men and women God has entrusted with the resources to fund their ministries. On March 1-3 we will host our second Donor Development Boot Camp at Manderley Christian Camp in Tennessee. Zach Clark, who has made a tremendous impact on Renewanation’s ability to raise funds, will once again be our lead coach and facilitator. In this 2½ day event, Zach will lay a great foundation for your organization’s future success in the area of donor relations and development. Our first training last fall was tremendous and has already resulted in many organizations receiving new funding. If you’re tired of not having enough funding to reach your goals or if you just think your donor relations program could use a tune up, contact to learn more. Very limited space available.