The Team Who Believed

The many scents and smells of the holidays are already beginning. Along with them comes the aroma which is always pleasing, and never grows old – the aroma of a grateful heart. The memories which spill over from those who possess it bring smiles to the lips and tugs to the heartstrings. Annette and her Read More

Merry Xmas!

Merry X-mas! If you think like I do, you’ve already wondered, “Why in the world did he leave Christ out of Christmas?” I did it just to get your attention. For many years now, a secular minority has been on a mission to eradicate Christ from Christmas. I have never understood their logic since taking Read More

Public Schools Now Open to Religion

One of the most common misconceptions regarding our public school system is that the open teaching of religion is discouraged or even banned. Nothing could be further from the truth! Our public school curriculum is intentionally designed to inculcate religious doctrines in our students’ hearts and lives. The truth is, our public schools have always Read More

Preparing for the school year

Q & A with Beth Ackerman, Ed.D., Liberty University For Dr. Beth Ackerman, it was logical that she ended up working in the field of education. “It’s the family business,” she explains, noting that she is following in the footsteps of her parents. In fact, as the Associate Dean in the School of Education at Read More

Your Child’s Spiritual Health

The other day I was talking with the leader of a nationally known Christian organization. In the course of our conversation, he said, “I really appreciate the vision you have of offering children across America a Christian education. You are definitely on the right track of what we need in this country. But, strange as Read More

The Love of a Teacher

It was a brand new day, the start of a brand new world, and its uncertainty loomed big to a little, 5-year-old girl. Her emotions seemed to be all rolled up into a combined ball of excitement and anxiety. Into her new plaid uniform she dressed. Off she went, carrying her new lunch box, mounting Read More

Are Schools Safe?

As parents, one of the biggest concerns we have for our children is their safety. We put locks on the doors of our homes and sometimes fences around our yards to keep dangerous predators out. We put guards on our TVs and computers to protect our children from stuff they should not see and hear Read More

The Journey of Faith

The concept of living by faith in God is a common one among Christians. At the core of cardinal Christian doctrine is the belief that we are saved by faith in Christ alone and that the Christian life consists of trusting God enough to obey Him in our daily lives. We can’t turn the TV Read More

Religious Freedom

School district, ACLU challenge rights of students, staff Mathew Staver has been defending religious freedom issues for more than two decades, but he’s never had a case quite like the one he’s defending now in Florida. And the ramifications from the case are likely to be significant. The defendants — a high school principal and Read More

We’ve Forgotten

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6) I’m an Australian. Growing up “down under” offered some unique experiences, including the time I once talked to an old Australian aboriginal elder. This aborigine recalled roaming the deserts with his family many years ago when they were in their tribal state. This old man Read More