Maybe the Earth is Flat

In a world where facts are fluid, truth is transient through time, and morality moves with prevailing cultural shifts, maybe the earth is flat. Read More

Have We Survived Secular Education?

A couple of months ago, I was walking through an antique shop with a good friend. I came across some old editions of Life magazine. As I shuffled through the pile of copies, one cover caught my eye. Read More

Strengthening Christian Schools – The Power of Assessment

While performance assessments for faculty, staff, students, and board members have become routine and are certainly necessary, Christian schools miss an even greater opportunity to improve their impact when they fail to additionally include overall system assessments. Read More

How to Prevent Losing Another Generation

Most churches, it seems, are full of Christian parents, Sunday school teachers, and pastors who tell similar heartrending stories. They just can’t believe what’s happening. Read More

Grow Record Giving!

We will be hosting Zach Clark of Development and Leadership Coaching at Manderley Camp, September 21-23. Read More