Global Christian School Leadership Summit

Dr. Kristin Bird and Dr. Glen Schultz represented Renewanation at the Global Christian School Leadership Summit in Orlando, Florida on February 1-3. The Global Christian School Leadership Summit was sponsored by the Association of Christian Schools International with more than 700 Christian school leaders from 23 countries in attendance. It was an encouraging time for Read More

Something Just Doesn’t Smell Right

By Tim Throckmorton One of the things my wife has trained me to do is practice the use of a very popular little product called “hand sanitizer.” So after a shopping stop or handling potentially germ carrying things, I am now pretty well trained to reach into my console and apply said hand sanitizer rather Read More

Deeply Grateful

As we move into 2017, we are deeply grateful for God’s hand of direction and blessing in 2016. We were able to help hundreds of new children begin the process of developing a biblical worldview through one of our seven divisions of ministry. Read More

Godly Offspring

A few months ago I was privileged to hear Dr. Del Tackett speak in person. Dr. Tackett is the teacher on The Truth Project; he worked in the White House for the first President Bush, and has experienced a lifetime of amazing accomplishments. Read More

God’s Call to Educate

God called me to teach. There is no debate in my mind or in the minds of my family and those closest to me. Becoming an educator was in my DNA from the time he created me. Read More

Why Choose a Christian College?

With over thirty years of college administration, consulting, research and up-close observation, I might as well admit right up-front that I believe EVERY college bound Christian student MUST at least consider a Christian college. Read More

Is Your Child’s Textbook Christian or Secular?

  By Dr. Bryan Smith Many years ago I sat in Bill Apelian’s office. As the director of BJU Press, Bill had a keen interest in making regular improvements to the organization, and he thought I could help. “I’d like to offer you the position of Bible Integration Coordinator,” he told me. “You would review Read More

Tough Questions

By Janene Dubbeld Traveling far from home, I listened to a mother’s heart. “We’re just not sure what to do about school. Next year is middle school, and Christian education is so expensive.” My head nodded, and my heart went out to her. I had just heard a similar story only the week before! My Read More