A Church on Mission

Schools all across America are struggling to survive. This battle affects both public and private education. Administrators daily face severe budget challenges and pray for help.

Churches can be a tremendous source of help for Christian schools. When they understand the significance of offering children an education that aligns with biblical truth and bring students and financial support to the school, great things happen!

Muncie Christian School, who has served an inner city community in Kansas City, KS since 1957, is one of our new affiliates who recently experienced this kind of help.

After a long period of struggle to make ends meet and too often not having enough, the school got in trouble with the IRS over some unpaid back taxes. A foreclosure lean was levied against the school and it seemed the school would be shut down.

Then God used a church to bring salvation. Imagine that!

Kelly Lohrke, Pastor of Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship responded this way: “We just wanted to rally around Muncie and show them our support.” He continued, “The school has a legacy in our community for educating our kids and building faith. We feel this is a huge opportunity to do something very meaningful to help Muncie and impact the next generation for God.”

Praise Chapel gave a letter of intent to Muncie Christian to purchase the school and pay the outstanding debt owed the IRS.

“It is very refreshing to have a caring church who will step in and be a committed partner for our future success, both financially and personally,” says Mendy Lietzen, Principal at Muncie Christian. “We’ve been through a lot here, but the one thing that has always remained the same is the heart of our staff for the children. I’m thrilled to work with a like minded church to continue preparing these kids for their tremendous purpose in life.”

Pastor Kelly Lohrke points to Praise Chapel’s belief in strong community involvement as its reason for wanting to help the school and provide organizational backing as well. He says his church will support Muncie Christian not only monetarily but also with personal involvement and day-to-day management.

“Christian education has to continue in Kansas City,” said Pastor Kelly. “We don’t need fewer schools sharing Jesus and building faith in our kids—we need more of them.”

Communities all across America are in desperate need of schools like Muncie Christian where parents can send their kids knowing they will get a good education and be nurtured spiritually by caring Christian teachers. Somewhere every week schools like this are closing because of lack of local support.

The vision of Pastor Kelly and Praise Chapel to come to Muncie Christian’s rescue is exemplary. They clearly understand the value of giving children a Christian worldview education. On behalf of Christian schools everywhere, thank you, Praise Chapel for your vision and exemplary action.

What Christian school in your community is in need of support from your church? There is one. Please find it before it is too late.

About Muncie Christian School
Muncie Christian has been “Training God’s Children” in the Kansas City Metropolitan area since 1957. Its ongoing goal and purpose is to train and educate children for now and eternity as it teaches them how to utilize their talents and abilities to further God’s Kingdom. For more information, visit their website at www.munciechristian.com.

About Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship
Praise Chapel is a church that embraces and reflects a varied ethnic makeup of the surrounding communities to which it ministers. Providing opportunities for people of every background, the church has a long legacy of serving God’s purpose in the life of His people by providing a wide range of ministries and activities for individuals and families in the Kansas City metro area. Praise Chapel holds a solid commitment to Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Planting. For more information, visit www.praisechapelkc.com.